‘Plan’ is what makes Fire Plan Specialists distinctive. We ‘plan’ ways to best Minimise Loss and Maximise benefit for your strata plan - commercial, industrial or residential property.

We are a complete Asset Management business and as such, we have many and varied tradesmen at our disposal. We are a 100% Australian owned independent family company and offer one unique feature which is rare; Honesty in our dealings, Integrity in our approach and Respect in our attitude towards our clients - and we are Committed to Assisting You!

Through the following philosophy, we hope to excel in our mission:

  • Continually developing the highest level of consistent quality in all services, whilst primarily maintaining affordability and excellent value-for-money
  • Constantly meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations through innovation and staff skill levels
  • Achieving competitive advantages through both high quality and continuing product and service improvements

Our mission is to be the foremost industry advocate dedicated to improving the dependability, trustworthiness, quality and significance of Fire & Life-Safety Systems.  Only through effective and tailored installation, testing and maintenance are we able to minimise the risks to life and property.  Well maintained fire systems help save property but most importantly, save lives.  As the risk of fire is always there, your fire detection & fire fighting systems need to be ready to perform when you need them most.

Fire Plan Specialists employs licensed tradesmen with many years of experience who specialise in maintaining all essential fire services. Together with knowledge of the Building Codes of Australia and the Australian Standards associated with these vital services, our expertise extends across a vast range of systems. The benefit of using Fire Plan Specialists is our industry experience and qualifications, ensuring you have the best possible service at minimal disruption to your premises and business.

When you choose Fire Plan Specialists, you are ensuring your property portfolios are being given top priority service and are receiving first class care from a team of highly trained and skilled tradesmen who are backed by hands-on management to ensure smooth sailing at every job.

Don't wait until an emergency occurs to determine whether your fire services are correctly installed and maintained.  When you need your equipment to be functioning at its optimum, you want to feel certain that it will! 



Fire Plan Specialists

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