Fire Plan Specialists, as the name infers, specialise in a comprehensive fire plan design, engraving and installation service, complying with the relevant Australian Standards, BCA specifications and OH&S regulations; references listed below for each piece of related equipment:

Evacuation Plans -  ( AS3745 and OH&S Reg 34-2001)
Evac plans are required for premises which are frequented by members of the public (such as places of public entertainment for example), especially if they do not have a direct path of egress to the street.  Some Insurance Underwriters are also making these a requirement for commercial buildings that have a large number of people visiting on a daily basis (such as Professional Centres, e.g. medical office suites).

Hydrant Block Plans  -  (AS2419)
Engraved plans are required to be installed at the front of the building and pump room where there is a hydrant system installed with a booster assembly.  They allow the NSW Fire Brigade to quickly identify the number and locations of any hydrants, hose reels and stop valves, discover the pressure/flow rate of the booster as well as highlight any hazards such as gas mains, stored volatile materials etc.

Sprinkler Block Plans  -  (AS2118)
A plan of the risk (block plan) with the position of the main stop valves clearly indicated thereon is required to be placed adjacent to each set of installation control assemblies or group of valves where it can be readily seen by fire-fighters and others responding to the alarm. The plan will also include emergency shut-down instructions for the automatic sprinkler system.

Fire Detection & EWIS Zone Block Plans  -  (BCA Spec E 2.2a & AS1670.1)
The purpose of these plan guidelines is to control the risks associated with having non-compliant or out-of-date documentation in Fire Indicator Panels (FIP) as defined by legislation, indicating the area covered by each zone.  Section 3.10 – Zone Block Plan states:  “A block plan of the installation, with the position of the FIP clearly indicated, shall be securely mounted adjacent to the FIP, Mimic Panel, Repeater Panel and Fire Brigade panel.  The documentation required by clause 7.2 and the zone block plan (see Clause 3.10) shall be revised to include any alterations.”

Tactical Fire Plans  -  (BCA Spec E1.8)
Emergency Personnel, such as fire-fighters, utilise these plans to devise appropriate incident management tactics during an emergency event.  The main objective is to provide details of the buildings active and passive fire protection equipment and provide essential instructions for their operation in case of fire.  It is legislated that a colour coded durable Tactical Fire Plan is required for the Fire Control Room.  This room is defined as a separate fire rated control centre which must be included in the designs of all buildings exceeding a height of 50 metres.

Engraving & Installation:
Any signage or block plan can be engraved, delivered to your door and installed on site. Whether it is indoor or outdoor signage for your property, just let us know where you want it placed and we can install for you. For more information about the varied engraving services that we offer, see Products and Services

Upgrades or Fire Orders:
Do you have a property which has had a Council Fire Order lodged against it? Usually Fire Orders require upgrade works, but don’t worry, they are our specialty! Forward the Fire Order to us and we can quote on all the requirements that Council have listed.

We have a fully licensed team of specialists that work with our Fire technicians to find the best value for money solutions for your property’s rectifications. Remember, anything fire - we are the specialists. Contact Us or refer to Products & Services page for further information.


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