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Fire Compliance Services: 

Inspection, Testing & Certification for Council:
Fire Plan Specialists are able to offer a competitive quote to inspect your property as per EPAA legislation; enabling us to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement, which is enforced by Council and the NSW Fire Brigade.

We offer a full inspection, testing and maintenance service for any property that requires certification. Fire services are required to be inspected and tested at regular intervals, dependent upon the equipment installed within your property, in accordance with the AS1851 maintenance schedule. Most properties require at least 2 inspections per year, once every 6 months. The Biannual (6 monthly) inspection does not require a certificate for Council, but is a required inspection under the Australian Standards as it forms part of the whole annual certification process.

Design, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance & Repair:
We work together with builders and developers at the early stages of construction to advise on the relevant fire services to ensure all equipment will be installed correctly and in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The services of a hydraulic designer with many years of experience who has worked on numerous major NSW projects is at your disposal. For example, our team can Design, Project Manage and Install large multi-level car park Sprinkler Systems, Hydrants, Boosters, Drencher Systems, etc.

We also have BCA Consultants to advise the best and most gainful methods of installation and experienced installers of every trade to fit-out your project. Exit Lighting, Automatic Fire Detection, EWIS, Fire Doors, Extinguishers, Hose Reels; whatever systems or measures your development needs, we can assist and advise the most cost effective way to ensure compliance with Council, the NSW Fire Brigade, BCA and Australian Standards.

Fire Upgrades or Council Fire Orders:
This often entails many areas of different works, depending on the size of the strata plan, the list can be endless, some examples being:

  • Building rectifications:
    Modifications to balustrade or stairways, entrance / egress changes etc.
  • Passive Fire:
    Access Panels, Lightweight Construction or Fire Door installations.
  • Hydraulic installations:
    Fire Hose Reel Systems, Hydrant & Booster Assemblies, Sprinkler systems. 
  • Electrical installations:
    Fire Detection, Emergency Lighting, Illuminated Exit Signs.
  • Portable Equipment:
    Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, etc.

When Councils issue Fire Orders against a building, you have a timeframe in which to complete the works.  This is often a very complex project and usually includes upgrades reminiscent of the above listed examples - all of which Fire Plan Specialists can organise for you.

Fire Plan Specialists Project Manage the entire job for you:
Whether you have a new development in progress that requires design and installation of essential fire services, or whether it’s a complete renovation or upgrade of an existing building; our Construction tradesmen work hand in hand with our Fire engineers to ensure that everything is completed as per the Council directive, BCA consultant’s recommendations or Engineer's report.

The benefit to Strata Managers in leaving the whole project with Fire Plan Specialists is that we plan and co-ordinate the entire job for you, to be completed within the set timeframe allowed by Council and in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. This means less hassle for the Strata Manager in trying to find builders and other specialists who can accommodate your needs, with minimum disruption to the residents and without fear of fines for late completion.

Free Site Survey: 
We are happy to survey your property, check what measures you have in place and if needed, make recommendations to bring the building up to current code. Should you require an upgrade, we are able to tailor an upgrade quote to suit your budget and can stagger the works; break it up over several months if necessary to enable you to better manage your funds.

Expertise in Every Area of Fire

Fire Door Repairs & Installations:
With decades of experience, our specialist fire door tradesmen know the BCA and Australian Standards associated with these important safety measures inside and out. We have fire door specialists well versed in the allowed tolerances, FRL’s and fire rated hardware associated with fire doors.

Fire Plan Specialists install or repair any type of fire door or frame, whether it be a sliding fire door in a car park, or a residential unit fire door and you can rest assured that it will be done in accordance with all legislation. Our fire door installation prices are extremely competitive and we also offer painting of your new door. If your existing locksets are compliant, we can refit to your new door, or supply new if not. Many people are unaware that you cannot fit non-self-latching security devices to fire doors. We can assist with the correct fire-rated door security hardware, door closers, peepholes etc.

Do not let a handyman or carpenter install a fire door, as they aren’t aware of the legislation associated with them. It is imperative that whoever is looking after your fire doors has this knowledge to ensure compliance at completion of the job. For your peace of mind, ensure Fire Doors are installed correctly by an expert so that when they need to be certified, you will not be in a position of having a non-compliant door on your hands that could cost hundreds of dollars to rectify before compliance can be attained. Fire Plan Specialists have their own Fire Door specialists at the ready.

Passive Fire:
Passive Fire relates to the fire containment or compartmentalisation issues within your property and is an integral component in fire protection. Passive Fire Protection attempts to contain fires and impede the incipient spread of fire through use of fire resistant walls, floors, doors and ceilings. Any penetrations made through these fire rated structural components would have to be properly sealed in order to provide the effectiveness anticipated by the relevant building codes.

Passive Fire Protection measures are intended to contain a fire in the compartment of origin, thus limiting the spread of fire and smoke for a limited period of time, as determined by the BCA. Some of these measures include, Lightweight Construction, Fire Dampers, Fire Seals & Collars, Fire Pillows, Fire Sealants & Mortars, Intumescent Paint & Tape, Intumescent Downlight Covers, Fire Rated Boxes for exhaust fans, Access Panels etc.

Our Passive Fire specialists have over 20 years experience checking that these measures have been installed as per manufacturers specifications and no deficiencies are present. We offer very competitive quotes on any inspection, installation or remedial works that are required. Should you wish Fire Plan Specialists to provide you with a comparison quote, we would be pleased to assist.

Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm Systems:
To minimise the risk to lives and property, early warning of fire is critical. Fire Plan Specialists have a qualified and licensed team who specialise in the installation, testing and maintenance of all types of fire panels, interconnected detection systems (heat and smoke), EWIS systems, etc. We can design a system that meets your specific requirements, either conventional or addressable.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems:
Fire Plan Specialists have qualified and licensed Sprinkler Fitters, Hydraulic Consultants and Plumbers to Design, Install, Commission, Maintain and Repair any type of hydraulic fire measure installed within your property, including Wall Wetting Sprinkler and Drencher Systems, Fire Hydrants, Booster Assemblies, Hose Reel Systems and comprehensive multi-storey Sprinkler Systems, plus on site pump sets and mimic panels. We also perform hydrant flow tests as per legislation, which can establish the function and flow pressure of your hydrant system.

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment:
Fire Plan Specialists can supply and install all the necessary Fire Extinguishers to suit every type of potential hazard, with required signage, tags and brackets, plus UV treated covers and security cabinets for your fire extinguishers and hose reels. We can also supply extinguishers and brackets for vehicles / trucks.

We perform 5 yearly pressure testing of your fire extinguishers, (as per legislation), recharge spent extinguishers, inspect, test and tag all portable equipment. We also supply products such as Fire Blankets, Fire Hose Reels and accessories, brackets, signage, etc for these products. We also offer training in the use of these life and property saving tools.

Fire Training:
Training in the use of portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels as well as evacuation drills and tailored solutions that meets the needs of each organisation and their risk profile in accordance with AS3745 provided by a fully qualified Risk Assessment Training Officer.

Comparison Quotes: 
Do you feel that your current fire services provider has issued an excessive quote for repairs?

If you have received an extensive and expensive list of repairs, forward the list to us and we will be happy to submit an alternate quote for your consideration. This will at least put your mind at ease and you should be pleasantly surprised; saving your building fund $$$.

We provide Sales & Installation of any Fire Products that your property may need from floor to ceiling, at more than competitive pricing. Please send us your enquiry via our
Contact Page or call our office at anytime for a quote.

Other services:

Engraving & Laser Cutting:
Any signage requirements for your building - all sizes, shapes and materials, with wording of your choice.

Laser engraving of metals - aluminium (natural and anodised), steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper and more, traffolyte, plastics, Perspex, acrylic, glass, wood and other organic materials like rock, shell, leather, etc. Promotional Product engraving such as stainless steel travel mugs, metal pens, metal key rings, clocks, torches, photo frames, metal cups, card holders, chopping boards - the list is endless.

We also can produce a wide range of customised badges, key rings, coasters and clocks made from acrylic & timber. Name badges in a variety of colours with different fixings or lanyards, Labels and Tags, such as metal machinery identification tags, warning labels etc.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor signage for your building, or perhaps something special for a promotion, we can engrave and deliver to your door. We can also install the signage in the required location for you. For promotional items, we can custom make gift boxes to suit your needs. With boxes made of high-quality black board, and inserts laser cut from EVA foam, our gift boxes are sure to impress your client. You supply the products - we do the decoration - we make the gift box and deliver to you, or direct to your client.

Testing & Tagging of Electrical Equipment:

The issue of Electrical Safety is a significant legal issue. As the public and employees become more aggressive in terms of legal recourse, even greater care has to be taken to prevent accidents in the workplace and in areas where the public have access to electrical appliances or equipment.

AS3760 specifies the procedures and criteria for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment which is designed for connection by a flexible cord. It also applies to cord extension sets, portable outlet devices and portable residual current devices. Australian Standards place an obligation on all Owners, Managers and Employers to ensure the safety of persons using electrical equipment is compliant with relevant Work Cover and OH&S legislation.

This standard outlines the testing procedures for Class I (earthed) appliances and Class II (double insulated) appliances. This especially applies to Residential Institutions, Gyms, Community Halls or Meeting Areas within residential developments, Clubs, Pubs, Motels, Hostels, Boarding Houses, Backpacker type establishments; or basically any area where members of the general public, or occupants of residential strata plans which provide communal facilities, may come into contact with electrical equipment. Likewise, people employed, or frequenting such establishments as Real Estates, Commercial Offices, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Preschools, Daycare Centres & Kindergartens, Schools, Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Gymnasiums, Factories, Workshops, Manufacturing / Assembly / Maintenance or Fabrication places of work, all should adhere to this standard.

We offer a mobile on-site service with comprehensive Testing & Tagging. Computerised Tester with Pre-Set Tolerances will check each electrical component of your business or residence. Each compliant piece of equipment will be tagged accordingly and the equipment which doesn't pass the test will be identified for disposal or repair. A computer generated log book and Asset Register will be compiled for your premises and we offer free reminder service of next test due date. No job is too big or too small.

Do you require Fire Services + Test & Tag Services also? Fire Plan Specialists can offer a very economical “package deal" which conforms to all relevant Australian Standards and saves you the trouble of booking in 2 separate jobs and organising access twice for inspection and testing to be undertaken. Contact Us for a quote.

Security & Electrical:
Fire Plan Specialists have a dedicated team of electricians who have extensive experience in Fire Services, Data Cabling, Security Technology, Fiber Optic Cable Installation, Card Access Control Systems, Fire & Burglar Integrated Alarm Systems, Interior/Exterior IP Based & Hybrid CCTV Systems, Exit & Emergency Lighting, Multiple Lighting Systems, Exterior Boundary & Gate Systems for residential and commercial premises. We have specialists for every area of Security or Electrical work that you require.

Fire Plan Specialists’ fully licensed builders have the resources to assist clients with their minor and major renovations. We have a proven track record, having successfully delivered projects ranging from minor to major upgrades of Fire Services which incorporate building modifications. Any tradesman is at your beck and call; Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Shopfitters, Cleaners, Handymen and the list goes on. Whatever the job, we will have someone to assist.

No property is too big or too small. Contact Us; we would be delighted to meet you and discuss how we can best serve your needs. Obligation free quotes given; we service all areas.


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