Working Smoke Alarms save Lives!

This is a service we offer to the Real Estate and Strata industries, for those smaller strata plans which have no other fire safety measures installed and are not currently required to submit annual certification for Council.

With the recent changes in legislation mainly pertaining to rental accommodation, we are highlighting, particularly to the Real Estate industry, that they need to guard their liability by ensuring that these important measures are regularly serviced. Owners, Strata or Property Managers may not be aware that smoke alarms are either non-existent or faulty within some of their properties. Since 2006 when it became mandatory to install Smoke Alarms, we constantly see that there are still many instances where either this rule has been ignored; a tenant has removed the smoke alarm or battery; or the occupant is physically unable to change the battery when it dies; therefore rendering the smoke alarm useless in an emergency situation and lives are at risk.

Currently there are many unit blocks that are not required to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement to Council therefore the fire services (including smoke alarms) are often neglected. However this does not diminish your responsibility to ensure that the fire services installed are fully maintained and functioning correctly.

Under Clause 251 & Section 146A of the EPAA, it stipulates that “Smoke Alarms be installed and maintained within buildings providing sleeping accommodation”. In accordance with AS1851, Smoke Alarms should be maintained and batteries changed annually. Building Insurance could also be at risk. There may be insurance coverage repercussions, with the possibility of voidable insurance in the event of a fire, should these maintenance guidelines not be adhered to. Also if an occupant is injured in a fire, they may take legal recourse against the manager or landlord.

Establishing maintenance as per the Australian Standards is a vital area of protection, not only for your residents, but also for the asset (property) and against civil lawsuits in the case of an injury. For a minimal annual fee (fully tax deductible for landlords), Fire Plan Specialists will ensure all Smoke Alarms are maintained in accordance with AS1851 and that the key maintenance routine as follows will be undertaken:-

  1. Full function test of each Smoke Alarm using artificial Smoke to ensure that the smoke alarm ‘latches’ to the smoke
  2. Ensure that the sounder is operating effectively
  3. Change the battery each year
  4. Ensure the correct locations for your Smoke Alarms
  5. Ensure the correct quantity of Smoke Alarms are installed according to the size and layout of the property
  6. Ensure Smoke Alarm vents are free of obstructions, such as insects and debris
  7. Any 9V Smoke Alarms (battery only, not hard-wired) that are identified as faulty, will be replaced FREE OF CHARGE. No additional cost at all to the owners for the new smoke alarm, this is fully inclusive in the annual fee
  8. Check the Expiry Date of each Smoke Alarm and replace when required *

* Smoke Alarms have an approximate life of 10 years. Some brands don’t last their expected lifetime. We record each smoke alarm with the date of installation, so that when the life expiry draws near, we automatically replace the alarm, FREE OF CHARGE. There is however a small extra charge for hard-wired smoke alarms that require replacement, as these smoke alarms are expensive and require some time for an electrician to wire-in.

Fire Plan Specialists will create an Asset Report for your property, together with a Test Report for each smoke alarm and a Compliance Certificate to safeguard your asset and liability, which will be forwarded on completion. Each year this will be automatically scheduled through our computer system, so that it will fall on the anniversary of the last date of inspection. This means you won’t have to track or remember due dates; we do all the work for you. We always work in with you throughout the entire process to ensure that we make it as easy as possible for you. If there is anything we can do to help, you only need ask.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, we charge less than a handyman. You will be pleasantly surprised at the small price you will pay for the high level of service and peace of mind we provide.

How it works for Property Managers:
We are happy to send you our literature via email which includes a disclaimer to safeguard yourself and your agency, should any landlords not wish to fulfil their obligations.

  1. Print the brochure and send it out with your end of month accounts to your landlords (no extra cost for postage).
  2. Your landlords will fill out either the disclaimer approval or rejection form and return to your office.
  3. Once you have compiled your list of participants, email your work orders to our office and we will organise a time directly with the residents. We also ask that you copy and paste our notification letter onto your letterhead, so that we can distribute to your tenants.
  4. We will email your office with the times and dates of our inspection and maintenance visit so that you also remain informed.
  5. Our technician will test existing alarms, change batteries, check that they are in the correct locations and enough alarms are installed for each area.
  6. Faulty 9v alarms will be replaced free of charge (this is the most common type of smoke alarm found in rental accommodation). We absorb this cost, (we take the good with the bad) and it is all inclusive in the yearly fee. We also use Photoelectric smoke alarms which are recommended by the NSW Fire Brigade.
  7. Our electrician will record locations of each smoke alarm and all relevant test information, from which a report will be generated.
  8. The report would be emailed to your office (which you can pass onto the owner), together with our Compliance Certificate and invoice for payment.
  9. The annual fee covers the property for one year.
  10. Our systems will generate a reminder for the following year, so that you don’t need to track anniversary dates.

Owners and Managers should carefully weigh up:

  • Duty of care for the safety of the residents and their possessions,
  • Safeguard your insurance coverage in the event of a fire,
  • Deter litigation against the landlord, Owners Corporation and the Manager.
  • Failure to maintain essential fire safety measures attracts a fine of $1,500.00 and Council’s have the authority to impose this fine at any time.

What happens when a fire begins?
Smoke can fill all the rooms in just a few minutes, long before heat and flames have spread. Most people who die are killed by toxic smoke and carbon monoxide. Many are never touched by flames. Most deaths occur at night because people are deeply asleep.
You can't smell smoke when you're asleep!

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